44 Overtime
Client: Kait Devir

Kait approached me seeking new apparel designs to enhance her brand's overall appearance. Embracing the essence of her "Do It All" fitness-inspired brand voice, I created three graphic pieces that incorporated her company's primary aesthetic.
Power In My Voice
In 2022, Athletes Unlimited launched “Power in My Voice,” our voter engagement campaign to inspire voter participation, demonstrate that there is power in every person’s voice, and encourage fans to exercise their power through their vote and other forms of civic engagement.
Whether it is speaking up for a cause, standing up for your teammates and peers, or helping out in your community, everyone can have an impact through their actions.
Basketball Season 2 Collection​​​​​​​
Every Moment Counts Collection
A collection that utilizes Athletes Unlimited talented photographers and showcases iconic moments in Athletes Unlimited History.
AU Pro Hoops

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